December 18, 2011

bill b

photo by steve metz                                                                                                                                                     bill b with allie                                           

This is Bill B.  He's the Electronic Media Director for a network news affiliate, here in Porkopolis, and, an all-around wonderful guy: the type of person you'd like to call friend.  Despite being incredibly busy with work, Bill still manages to find ways to do great things with his free time, one of them being to care for a beautiful Clydesdale horse, Allie, whom he rescued, with his girlfriend, Stephanie.

Bill and Stephanie invited me to the stable, where Allie stays, to take some photographs.  She weighs 1,800 pounds.  That's more than 10 of me.  When she walks by, the earth moves.  Like, me, she loves apples and carrots.  Allie was eating when I arrived, and was still eating when I left, two hours later.  Man, that horse can chow down.

photo by steve metz                                                                                                                                                 horseshoe & rope

You wouldn't know it by visiting the stable, but Bill is a bit of a rock star, too.  He's a talented and creative musician, having played the drums in a number of noteworthy indy bands over the past twenty years.

photo by steve metz                                                                                                                                           beautiful stable-mate

It might seem unusual, to the casual observer, that an electro-rock-drummer-web-guru-media-director would find himself shoveling horse poo on evenings and weekends, but it makes sense if you know Bill and Stephanie.  They care.  About a lot of things.  As a person who is drawn to other people who have connections with animals, I'm very glad that they are fellow citizens of Porkopolis.

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