April 19, 2012

cincinnatians of note whom we've lost this year

Pinky Scissors

photo courtesy mtv archives                                                                                            pinky

DOB/Place of birth: August, 1959 / Newport Ky.
Cause of death: choked on someone else's vomit
Occupation: stage manager (Plasmatics, Musical Youth, Men at Work)
Favorite food: ice chips
Favorite dance: finger pistols (shown)
Noteworthiness: Pinky lost her left eye in 1981 during the filming of a Plastmatics performance for NBC's SCTV, when singer Wendy O. Williams attacked her with an exposed nipple.  Pinky is said to have shed one final tear from the eye as she was carted away from the studio by paramedics.  According to family members, the two never spoke again.


Fragrance Dunleavy

photo courtesy match game '76                                                                                                                                    fragrance

DOB/place of birth: 'Whatever makes me 26, lovey!' / Oakley
Cause of death: catastrophic injuries sustained operating a motor vehicle, impaired
Occupation: game show celebrity guest
Favorite artist: Burt Bacharach
Favorite game show answer: 'Fannie Flagg's nylons after a long hot barn party.'
Favorite food: rabbit, duck, gin
Noteworthiness: Although the origins of her fame are generally unknown, Fragrance is credited as being the originator of the 1970's trend of adding the word "city" to many commonly used words and phrases, as in, Jesus...this place is trash-city Let's get out of here.  

photo courtesy match game '76                                                                                                                                    fragrance


Bjorn Heinrich Dichs

interpol surveillance photo, circa 1994                                                                                                                                  dichs

DOB/place of birth: unknown / fishing vessel, Baltic Sea, Swedish Coast
Cause of death: lung cancer
Occupation: talent agent (partial client list: Rick Astley, Gerard Depardieu, Scary Spice)
Favorite food: snails, eclairs
Favorite childhood memory: making sausages 'wit Moder'
Favorite slogan: Pall Mall: Wherever Particular People Congregate
Noteworthiness: Not a native of Cincinnnati, Dichs sought refuge here after having served a five year prison term, subsequent to pornography charges.  Dichs had been implicated in an international sting operation designed to topple some of the United States' and Europe's leading offenders.  He was arrested and detained by Interpol in Lyon, France.  A sensational trial followed and would lead to his conviction and eventual prison term.  Upon release, he fled to the US, hoping to return to anonymity.  He spent his final years, in isolation, in a one-bedroom apartment in Mt. Auburn.

interpol surveillance photo, circa 1994                                                                                                                                   dichs


Patty Dinkel 

photo courtesy jr. league of cincinnati                                                                         patty

DOB/Place of birth: March, 1954 / Mt. Washington
Cause of death: heart attack, mall walking
Occupation: Office administrator
Favorite food: fish sticks!!!
Favorite pastime: worship, television
Dream job: 'Already workin' it!'
Noteworthiness: In 1992, while attempting to concoct a cure for her own prolonged case of hiccups, Patty accidentally invented what would become Febreze air freshener.  P&G would eventually purchase the idea from Patty, for an undisclosed sum.  Patty continued working in a local law office in an administrative position which she would eventually hold for 22 years.  She would devote most of the riches from Febreze to local charities, family members, and her church.

photo courtesy jr. league of cincinnati                                                                                                                                     patty

pssst...thanks allison.


  1. I wish I could've met Pinky.

  2. Patty Dinkel is just looking her finest here. I couldn't bring myself to attend the services. Thank you and bless you.